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Tradition and Sport

Preserving tradition and

embracing sport

Chung Do Kwan First

Placing 'Chung Do Kwan' traditions and values first.

      if you are looking to join a traditional

chung do kwan organisation - look no further!



Congratulations on visiting the official website of 

Traditional Chung Do Kwan


Join today and become part of an elite organisation dedicated to the preservation of Chung Do Kwan heritage and identity.

We offer international recognition and accreditation, Kup gradings, Black Belt and high Dan promotion testing, courses, competitions, certification as well as technical support and education.

We look forward to welcoming you into our Chung Do Kwan family.


Andy Davies


9th Dan Chung Do Kwan

the future is chung do kwan

'Traditional Chung Do Kwan' is a body dedicated to preserving the original concept of the Korean Kwan system through the largest of these; the 'Chung Do Kwan'.

An ever increasing number of Taekwondo and Martial Arts practitioners are turning to the Kwans for recognition and authenticity with many choosing 'Traditional Chung Do Kwan' as the body to join the Chung Do Kwan family.

We boast some of the world's highest ranked and most qualified instructors up to and including 9th Dan Grand Masters and we place primary precedent on Chung Do Kwan authority above all else. 

         Certified and accredited by the

World Chung Do Kwan Headquarters, Korea

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