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USA President

Grand Master


Grand Master Jim Gordon 9th Dan was first introduced to Martial Arts as a child in 1957 when the family accompanied his father who was posted to Osan Air Force Base in Korea as part of the USA Military.

He eventually joined the United States Air Force where he became a Master Instructor to personnel and families stationed at McChord Air Force Base and was also appointed as the'Combat Control Instructor' teaching unarmed combat to the USAF Security (Military) Police.

Such was his level of skill he became a member of  'Team

Full-Contact USA' competing successfully for over twenty 

years and among his numerous successes he became West

Coast Champion and a three time Canadian Grand


GM Gordon became a student of Jidokwan Pioneer Grand

Master Choi until his passing spending a number of years

training and teaching independently.


With a long standing friendship between Traditional CDK President: Andy Davies and GM Gordon, spanning over twenty years, GM Gordon accepted the position of 'Traditional Chung Do Kwan' President for the USA and will now be responsible for overseeing all aspects of this body in the United States of America.

GM Gordon is based in Tacoma, Washington State and Operates Jaguar Martial Arts which is the official USA Headquarters of 'Traditional Chung Do Kwan'.  E-Mail:

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