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Membership is available to all reputable

Taekwondo Clubs/Schools, and must be led by an instructor of good standing with a verifiable history.

Club registration costs only £25.00 per annum.

Instructors: Please e-mail a full CV and training history together with those of any other instructors and copies of all rank certification and qualifications:

Apply for registration today!

Individual membership only £10 per annum

Conditions of Membership
  • Schools/Clubs must register/licence all students through Traditional Chung Do Kwan approved bodies and systems within one month of joining.

  • Individual membership is only available to students/instructors part of a registered club.

  • Instructors must pay the necessary fees to obtain all indemnities as approved by Traditional Chung Do Kwan.

  • All rank certification and recognition of current grade must be obtained from, validated and approved by Traditional Chung Do Kwan.

  • Students & Instructors are responsible for ensuring that their membership and indemnities are valid and kept up to date.

  • All Dan/Poom gradings and assessments are conducted by Traditional Chung Do Kwan.

  • All Instructors/Assistants are required to undertake recognised coach education training and qualifications as approved by Traditional Chung Do Kwan and certified by a duly authorised independent awarding authority.

  • Any failure to comply with the conditions of membership or rules and regulations may result in suspension, or membership being revoked.     


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