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About us


At a time when there has been a great deal of controversy and political uncertainty surrounding Taekwondo, there has never been a better time to join Traditional Chung Do Kwan; an organisation dedicated to maintaining quality and standards whilst preserving heritage and integrity through the values of Chung Do Kwan.

'Chung Do Kwan' remains the largest and most prominent of the original Korean Tae Kwon Do 'Kwans' and is a body which precedes the formation of large international corporate Tae Kwon Do organisations such as the World Taekwondo Federation, the International Tae Kwon-Do Federation and the Kukkiwon etc, and the Chung Do Kwan continues to issue its own traditional rank qualifications and certification. The President of the World Chung Do Kwan is Grand Master Park, Hae-Man.

The President of Chung Do Kwan International is Grand Master Park, Sung-Jae.

By joining Traditional Chung Do Kwan you can experience the benefits of independent Chung Do Kwan membership and freedom, without restriction or interference from the large political, corporate Tae Kwon Do bodies whilst enjoying access to international Chung Do Kwan promotion exams, certification, recognition and accreditation.

Benefits include:
  • Regular courses and gradings.

  • Compeititons.

  • Colour Belt (Kup) Testing.

  • Official Dan/Poom (Black Belt) Testing

  • Traditional Chung Do Kwan School Charter.

  • Traditional Chung Do Kwan Kup Certification.

  • Traditional Chung Do Kwan Dan/Poom Certification.

  • World Chung Do Kwan Dan/Poom Certification

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